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Product Features
»  Highly durable
»  Dimensional accuracy
»  Long lasting
»  Light weight
»  Moisture free

Regular Slotted Containers
picture This is the most common box style. All flaps are the same length from the score to the edge. This is the most cost effective design for a given measurement.

Corrugated Trays
picture They are advantageous when product visibility and easy handling are of prime importance.

Full Over Lap
picture The outer flaps overlap the full width of the box making it especially resistant to rough handling. Full-overlap flaps provide extra stacking strength and edge protection. Ideal for: Heavy objects that require extra support such as refrigerators, washing machines, engineering goods etc.

Mono Cartons
picture These are the inner corrugated boxes used for products like electronic switches, cheese bricks, business cards, etc. Mono cartons are available in plain as well as printed & laminated.

Types of Flutes Available
B - Flute
B-Flute, the second flute size adopted by the corrugated industry, has lower arch heights than A and more flutes per foot (49).
1. Good Puncture Resistance
> 2. Uses: Regular Cartens.

C - Flute
C-Flute came along next to split the difference between A and B Flutes. With 41 flutes per foot, offers good cushioning, stacking and printing properties. C-Flute is by far the most widely used flute size.
1. Good Stacking Strength
2. Good Crushing Resistance
3. Heavy and Big cartens and export trays.

E - Flute
E-Flute has the greatest number of flutes/foot (94) which gives it the greatest crush resistance and the flattest surface for high quality printing applications. Because of its thin profile and cushioning properties, E-Flute can substitute for conventional folding cartons or solid fiber containers
1. Superior Printing Surface
2. Excellent For Custom Die Cut Boxes
3. Uses: Mono Cartens, Point Of Purchase Boxes